Catering at Pegasus

Pegasus Club Catering Is a winning choice. As we create Beautiful Artistic Decorations We use the same approach to create Beautiful mouse watering Fruit and Vegetable Compositions that will leave your guest impressed.

We use a variety of smoked meats as well as seafood products. We offer Cotton Candy Machines and Chocolate Fountains .

All our food is freshly made ORGANIC and gluten free.


Please Contact Us To Discuss Detailed Menu options.

We offer mediterranean catering options, that includes variety of rotisserie grilled meats, cold appetizers and european sweets.

Seafood catering options that include a variety of smoked fish appetizers, herbs, and cold salads.

Vegan options creamy vegetables topped with cashew cheese, variety of vegan sauces.  Dairy free baked goods, vegan moose, and vegan punch as a desert. 

For Drinks we offer hand made sweet fruit lemonades, cold flower teas. Slushies, smoothies.